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The Hottest Wedding Cake Trends Today

Before a person starts trying to choose the best bakery Burlington for their wedding cake, it makes sense to look at current trends to get a good idea of what type of cake is truly the perfect wedding cake. The best bakery Burlington be willing to work closely with clients to customize the wedding cake of their dreams. Here are some current hot trends for wedding cakes.

Metallic Colors

Metallic colors are now making frequent appearances on wedding cakes. Often, either gold or silver highlights the cake in an intricate pattern. The style may be a lacy one that looks completely traditional or a very modern look with large geometric patterns. If an entire metallic overlay seems like overkill, some people go for a gentle dusting of metallic color all over the cake. Think of glitter that is edible!


Another currently popular option in wedding cake in Burlington is the ruffling option. A ruffled look is consistent all over the cake: Sugar ruffles that look ribbon like. This is a stunning look and is fairly simple to pull off. It tends to be very popular for country chic weddings today, but anyone can choose this style with success.

No Icing

There are plenty of people out there who simply don't care for icing, and when those people get married there is a perfect cake option for them. No icing cakes are very unique looking. They still have all the layers and fillings that any other wedding cake does. The big difference is that icing is used only very minimally to hold layers together. No icing on the sides or on the top. This makes for a very unusual looking cake that will probably be unlike any other.

Art Inspired

Some of the most interesting and unusual wedding cakes today may be those that are are inspired. It takes a talented baker with a steady hand, but having your favorite painting inspire the wedding cake is completely possible today. The entire cake can be a reflection of the painting or painting style, with the painting elements extending from one layer down to the next to create a unique and stunning look overall. These cakes are often the result of hand painting. Once the fondant is applied, it will be allowed to dry just enough to apply and absorb edible paints. As with the other kinds of decorations, everything is edible.

Wedding cake bakeries like Kelly SXO will work with clients to create their ideal wedding cake. Contact them today to discuss your idea of a perfect dream wedding cake!